Customs bonded storage

Having obtained its bonded warehouse agreement in 1995 by the Tunisian Customs and the merchant marine, CATT puts at your disposal teams mastering the management of goods under the customs authorities; and this, in the best delays, reliably and for all customs procedures.

In accordance with local customs requirements, CATT has developed its own digital management solution for a bonded warehouse. This solution provides you with real-time information on the stock position as well as ensures that the control and security measures are applied in compliance with customs requirements, throughout the supply chain.

CATT boasts a long experience in customs inpections field as well as solid skills in inspection and quality control of goods on behalf of our customers. With this unique combination of in-house services, we provide for our users and the customs authority a full range of expertise in the hands-on management of bonded warehouses.

Having a bonded warehouse close to Rades port, main Tunisian port, CATT offers the following services:

  • Reception of in-bond goods
  • Handling and logistics
  • Storage
  • Consolidation and deconsolidation
  • Safety and security
  • Control of real-time inventory
  • Document management
  • Management of dangerous and perishable goods