CATT offers lifting solutions that meet all your challenges. Whatever your activity, the configuration, type, volume or mass of your goods, we guarantee an adequate and efficient service.

In partnership with the world leader in lifting, ALE Heavylift, we can supply cranes up to 5000 tonnes and use rail jacking and shifting.

With a recognized experience in the handling service, we adapt our services in each case, while ensuring the reliability of the operation. Starting from a feasibility study, we implement the necessary means for its realization.

Having a perfect commercial and technical organization, we ensure interventions in optimal conditions:

  • Preliminary site visit to assess the specific risks and define with you all necessary equipment for your needs (accessibility, height, offset, load)
  • Lift plan drawing
  • Taking on charges requests for road authorizations
  • Presence of a security coordinator depending on the type of intervention

We work mainly in the following sectors:

  • Industry
  • Oil service
  • Electric Energy
  • Renewable energy
  • Telecommunications

Certified from international recognized office, our professionals are qualified to perform their duties while perfectly mastering the most advanced lifting and handling operations.

We also make sure to regularly monitor our lifting gear, internally, as we use an approved organization for a periodic inspection.