Heavy lift and Special transport

CATT offers excellent service in heavy lift and special transport. The operations of moving, transporting and handling of oversized and extremely heavy packages have become a daily task for its teams who is constantly looking for practical solutions in terms of safety, time and cost in order to deliver the special package to its destination in the best conditions.

This reputation, which was built during his 30 years of work in the most demanding transport, has promoted him to the rank of No.1 provider in Tunisia in the heavy lift and special transport sector.

With its human and material resources, CATT is able to meet all the needs of its customers. CATT technicians are often involved in the creation and implementation of structures and constructions or in its transformation to open roads and cross bridges safely.

Thanks also to the large number of its achievements, the service offered by CATT in heavy lift and special transport has become increasingly efficient, highly secure and much cheaper.

CATT has a large fleet : Nicolas modular trailers that can carry up to 500 tons, Mercedes tractors/pushers, Nicolas stretch trailers up to 46m long and a complete range of special handling equipment. Our fleet is in continuous modernization to meet the increasingly complex requirements of our customers.


The services provided by CATT within the execution of a special transport order are as follows:

  • Feasibility study
  • Road survey
  • Obtaining the authorizations of heavy lift and special transportation
  • Stowage/Covering
  • Providing the necessary escorts
  • Transportation of the equipment up to final destination


Therewith, CATT proceeds and engages technically at these levels:

  • Definition of requirements
  • Study of the technical solutions to be implemented, with listing of needed workforce and equipment
  • Providing of detailed technical records and forecasted schedule for common validation with final customer
  • Design and manufacturing of specific means if necessary
  • Execution of operating modes, technical procedures and safety instructions
  • Implementation of the necessary logistics means for supplying operations
  • Carrying out the operations and quality follow-up
  • Reporting when operations are completed

Since 2010, CATT has become a member and Tunisian representative of the international group Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE). CATT is also a partner of ALE in Tunisia. ALE is one of the largest multinational companies in the world of transport and handling. CATT is also an active member of the WCA Projects global network.