Customs clearance

As a forwarder and customs broker, CATT is authorized to handle and to manage the entry and exit of goods and cargoes into the national territory from and to the world.

Whatever the transport mode or the access point, CATT is able to provide you with a reliable transit and customs clearance service for your maritime, air and/or land transport projects.

Aware of the complexity involved in the organization of customs clearance, the CATT team is obviously not limited to dealing with the declarative aspect of the goods entering or leaving Tunisian territory with the customs administration.

International sales and purchases raise a number of aspects mastered by a specialist, including among others: the customs clearance process, the customs procedure, the payment of duties and taxes, the relationship with the customs services.

Thanks to an advanced sense of rigor and professionalism that we follow in all our transit and customs clearance process, we manage to satisfy the needs of our customers in terms of simplicity and speed.